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“Thank you for trusting me with the underwater housing. Everything went extremely smoothly, and I owe your company for that.”
Jordan Lindblad

Visual Products is now offering:
VP Vintage Lens Revival

Vintage Lenses Before Modification

Vintage Lenses After Modification

Revive your old Zeiss, Schneider or Cooke lenses
with a VP Vintage Lens Revival

Vintage prime lenses made by Cooke, Zeiss, and Schneider have experienced a renaissance in recent years due to their ability to produce a unique, filmic quality when used with today’s modern HD sensors. While time-tested, rugged and more affordable than new PL mount cine lenses, the common issues with vintage lenses is their lack of a PL mounts, varying front element sizes and inability to be used with modern follow focus units. Vintage lenses have the glass to give you the look you want. However, in their original form, they lack the features you need for modern production.

Visual Products can help.

The VP Vintage Lens Revival upgrade takes your vintage lenses and:

- Adds our VP Arri Standard to PL mount lens adapter

- Increases lens fronts to an industry-standard 80mm front

- Adds our custom-designed and manufactured focus ring and gear

to each lens.  Focus gears feature lens data markings on the

rear of the focus gear and are marked in feet and meters:


Original Cooke Speed Panchros:

Speed Panchros After VP Vintage Lens Revival:

Close-Up Shots of the Lenses:

Far more affordable than fully re-housing vintage lenses (which can easily cost $3,000 to $5,000 per lens), the VP Vintage Lens Revival upgrade is an affordable way to breathe new life into lenses that you may already own and gives you the ability to achieve results that are possible only with vintage glass.

$1500 per lens for one to four lenses
$1350 per lens for five or more lenses


Contact Us Today to Schedule your lenses for a
VP Vintage Lens Revival

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