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“The people at Visual Products allow us to do what we do. As my budgets, expertise, and expectations grew, Visual Products helped that investment grow profitably. They have supported us through the years.”
Max Zug
MaxFilms, Inc.

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Located in Wellington, Ohio U.S.A. about 30 miles southwest of Cleveland, Visual Products’ current facility reflects the growth and philosophy of the company. Starting off slowly, one customer at a time, Visual Products expanded beyond its original facility several years ago. In 2000 Visual Products moved into a 15,000 square foot facility specifically designed and built for the company. The current facility combines a showroom, office space, machine shop, service department and warehouse space.

At Visual Products we deal with customers from around the world who many times are making purchases of considerable expense. Many customers request the ability to come to Visual Products and see the gear they are interested in purchasing. An international airport within 25 minutes of Wellington makes this possible. Our facilities were designed to provide our customers with a comfortable, friendly, relaxed environment where they can see the gear and perform some tests.

The Right Tools for the Job:

Sure, Visual Products has experienced, knowledgeable technicians, but it’s not enough to know what job needs to be done; a technician needs the tools that make it possible to do the job. Camera and lens equipment require an incredibly high level of precision to service and repair. Not only does Visual Products have the technicians who can determine what job needs to be done, it has supplied them with the tools to do the job right. The machine shop at Visual Products houses multiple lathes and milling machines capable of achieving the high tolerances necessary for motion picture equipment. A lens projection room is used to test the performance of lenses—after all, just because it says Zeiss on the lens doesn’t mean that particular lens is performing like a Zeiss. Tools like the optical comparitor enable our technicians to work to the exacting standards required of motion picture equipment. The level of precision that our technicians must maintain when servicing camera and lens equipment rivals that of the aerospace industry, and we realize that when our customers are on set using the equipment, the performance of the equipment is as important to them as a properly functioning jet plane is to a pilot. The facilities at Visual Products enable our technicians to merge knowledge with ability in order to provide our customers with top functioning gear-- whether it is the gear the customer is purchasing, gear they purchased from Visual Products in the past, or gear they have sent to us for repair.

It Helps to Have It to Sell It:

Unlike most equipment broker-type dealers, Visual Products owns the gear that it sells. And it’s a substantial amount of gear . Our facility houses shelves full of lenses, racks full of cameras, and bins full of parts and accessories. Owning the gear and housing it all under one roof gives Visual Products several advantages over other equipment dealers: We know the gear we sell. We can service the gear ourselves, and we are able to put together custom packages to fit a customer’s needs. When one camera sells, chances are likely that we will have another one waiting on the shelf for the next customer. Our inventory creates tremendous flexibility. Visual Products’ customers are able to mix and match gear to get their camera package just the way they want it to be. Our inventory makes it possible to offer our customers everything from a full camera package to a single magazine core adapter— and everything in between.

Have Gear, Will Ship

Visual Products has been selling gear around the world for well over a decade now, and over the years we have become quite successful at moving gear around the world reliably and affordably. Whether it’s a 35mm camera package that has to go cross-country overnight, a camera crane that has to go halfway around the world without breaking the production’s entire budget, or a truckload-sized shipping container full of gear that has to clear customs, we’ve done it. We also do our best to make sure the gear arrives at its destination in proper working order.

Some of our customers ask us how a company that sells motion picture equipment can operate out of the Midwestern United States— an area not exactly known as one of the centers of motion picture production. The answer: we operate quite well. The medium making it possible for you to read this right now, the internet, is part of the puzzle. Reliable, affordable, worldwide shipping is another part, and our close proximity to an international airport helps. But the main reason Visual Products has been able to operate successfully for all these years is our reputation. Whether they come to our facilities in person or, more often than not, purchase the gear and have it shipped sight-unseen, our customers know that they can trust the gear they purchase from Visual Products. Our location in Ohio has other advantages as well. There is not much doubt that our “drive-by business” would increase if we were located in New York or Los Angeles, but so would our overhead, an increase that would eventually be reflected in our prices. Also, for all of our customers purchasing gear from outside the state of Ohio there is NO SALES TAX. That alone can add up to substantial savings when purchasing gear.

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